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Sonya Amrita - Buddha at Work
Scroll down to listen to nearly 20 minutes of excerpts.

Individual Talks in this Series: $25 each
Complete 5-Part Album: $125 - Now $65 for a limited time!

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You are invited to a remarkable opportunity to bring together the ancient tradition of Awakened Awareness and business in the 21st century. When we bring these two elements into a unified whole, we create a living, breathing, authentic business world that becomes a portal for others to courageously embrace their own spiritual journeys.

When we bring Awakened Awareness of Oneness to work, rather than leaving it on the meditation cushion, we create stronger and more emotionally intelligent business communities, sustainable business practices, and empowering financial models. In this new world of business, our greatest strengths and gifts become integrated and fully exercised/utilized. This seminar series is your opportunity to:

  • Heal the illusion of separation between awakening and business
  • Make money with integrity and alignment
  • Discover your deep, inner call to action – and surrender to it
  • Empower your awakening by living it at work
  • Resolve seemingly insurmountable work challenges in creative, surprising ways
  • Get support to act authentically and in alignment from Awakened Awareness
In this groundbreaking 5-part series, Sonya Amrita will guide you through your own authentic discovery of how YOU can live your Awakened Awareness at work.

If you are . . .

  • On the path of awakening
  • Feeling restless, dissatisfied, or in conflict with your work/career
  • Wanting to feel aligned in your career
  • Ready to commit to knowing and acting from Awakened Awareness, and . . .
  • Willing to support others to do the same

. . . then this course is gateway for your work AND awakening transformation.

The Buddha at Work seminar series isn’t just a way to learn about awakened business practices! During this course you will receive practical advice and support to transform your real life business challenges into opportunities for awakening. Each of the five seminars includes spontaneous deep-intuition messages from Sonya, inner-wisdom meditations, practical exercises.


“Thank you Sonya, I LOVED the last session and the course in general. I am continually amazed how you channel the energies and wisdoms I need to hear, especially about “specialness.” This was also extremely helpful for input on how to navigate through the rough patches.” ~ MB

“You amaze me every time. What a wonderful session last night.  I thought all the seminars were tremendously powerful, synchronous, aligning and vital to my call to action!” ~ KC


Seminar 1: “Hear the Call to Be a Buddha at Work” We’ll paint the picture and plant the seeds of the new universe that lives and breathes Awakened Awareness in business. We will dispel old ideas of integrating spirituality and business and instead illuminate a surprising and unchartered frontier.  $25

Seminar 2: “Your Personal Call to Action” When we are no longer motivated by ego, we still have a natural movement or desire to share our gifts and contribute through work. These inner calls to action or movements – without the filter of our ego identities -- are often surprising. In this seminar you will be supported to hear, receive, and correctly interpret your personal call to action. $25

Seminar 3: “The True Meaning of Service:” In this seminar we’ll re-write our understanding of compassion-in-action at work.  We will explore the Big Love that is simultaneously more impersonal yet much deeper than what the ego mind thinks it is. It is from this Big Love – which includes us as individuals! – that we now serve and offer our gifts in the world. This seminar will clarify our motivations of service, help us to see new roads for resolving conflict, and liberate our understanding of our roles in the world. $25

Seminar 4: “Now Speak Your Truth:” How do we speak our truth at work? Confronting the heavy illusions and stories in the business world can be a daunting task. We will explore how to stay in Awakened Awareness, speak our truths, and clearly and compassionately reach our colleagues, supervisors, and customers with positive impact.  $25

Seminar 5: “Moving Forward — Standing on Your Own:” By the end of your full participation in this seminar series, you will have the strength and clarity to stand in your own inner authority while flowing in harmony with the demands and personalities around you. Make no mistake; there is no model or pre-defined path for you to follow, rather you will be empowered to know and live your authentic truth at work.  $25

BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM: $125 - Now $65 for a limited time!

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Sonya Amrita - Hear the Call To Be a Buddha at Work - 99:00 € 19.00 Buy this Song !
Sonya Amrita - Your Personal Call to Action - 99:00 € 19.00 Buy this Song !
Sonya Amrita - The True Meaning of Service - 99:00 € 19.00 Buy this Song !
Sonya Amrita - Now Speak Your Truth - 99:00 € 19.00 Buy this Song !
Sonya Amrita - Moving Forward--Standing on Your Own - 99:00 € 19.00 Buy this Song !
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